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Extrusion Tower dismantlement in the UK

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D&D Int. Eng. was contracted by Mondi Group Packaging to dismantle a 14 metre extrusion tower which they had sold to another company in the UK.

The tower was located in area at the site which was not easily accessible. Dismantling the tower required a 100 Tonne crane through the roof of the installation site, some distance away on an adjacent road.

D&D engineers diligently and safely, dismantled all the manageable "man handle” components off the tower with chain blocks and heavy duty FLT’s to reduce the weight prior to lifting with a crane.

We then hoisted the complete tower to enable removal of the ground section support legs and from there on, the removal of the remaining four levels as they were lowered to ground level.

After delivery to the customer who had purchased it, the installation was undertaken using a crane inside the building for erecting the tower and all auxiliary rewinds and components.

Within 20 days, after delivery, the tower was installed and commissioned into production on time and within the quoted budget price.

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