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Two Condom manufacturing lines from Russia to China

D&D Int. Eng. was contracted by a shipping and packaging company to uplift and load two Condom manufacturing lines from Russia and re- install them in China.

The shipping company organised the shipping logistics and undertook the crating and packaging of the equipment in conjunction with D&D Int. Eng. on site in Russia.

Manufacturing at the site was closed down, both lines were installed in very enclosed proximity to each other, and the surrounding building constructed around them, which made the dismantling of the lines very difficult, along with the (minus) -10 degree temperature and heavy snow. A very challenging environment and working conditions however, D&D Int. Eng. and our shipping/packing colleagues, rose to the challenge and succeeded in completing the project to a successful conclusion despite the many problems/difficulties, placed before us.

Both the Condom lines were transported to China and D&D Int. Eng. installed and commissioned them to an improved, “as was” condition, to the satisfaction of the Chinese customer and our UK shipping/packing company associates, within the time-line and budget quotation.

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